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Case Studies

Newbury Building Society   

The Client

Newbury Building Society is a successful regional Building Society, established in 1856, with an excellent reputation for valuing its’ staff.

The Clients Challenge

Newbury Building Society found that hiring the right people in the digital age was becoming increasingly time consuming. Their options were to add to their existing HR team or to outsource their recruitment.

The Society has built its reputation on customer care and by providing a personal service that ensures each customer is treated as an individual. They wanted to work with a recruitment partner that would mirror these values and understand what it is that makes them a unique employer.  

How we met the challenge

Every recruitment agency talks about forming a partnership with their clients but it is rarely an equal one. With the Newbury Building Society, this is absolutely the case.

We have fulfilled 100% of their roles which has been possible through the honest and open way that we are able to communicate with each other.  Newbury consider us to be an extension of their HR team, so for them, it makes recruiting as easy as it could possibly be. 

We are involved in the early stages of planning, for example Newbury asked for our guidance on staffing when a new branch was due to open.  We regularly provide advice on current market trends and give more detailed input into individual salaries and even working patterns.

In this highly competitive market, our detailed screening process allows us to focus on hiring based on behaviours as well as skills, and we always consider a candidates potential for the future. We review our processes on a regular basis and make changes and improvements continuously. 

We have developed a thorough knowledge of how their business works and have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of vacancies from relatively junior, customer facing roles through to Finance, Compliance and even highly technical IT positions.  With each new role we ensure we have a really in-depth understanding of exactly what is required.

The Final Result

The Newbury Building Society epitomise how a traditional, but not old fashioned, organisation can continue to make themselves relevant and successful today.

By being open minded, accepting change and listening to an alternative point of view, they have hired some exceptional people and have an outstanding succession plan in place.

Now in our fourth year of partnership, the challenges continue as skilled staff become harder and harder to find but we meet those challenges together.


Shawbrook Bank

The Client

Shawbrook Bank is seen as a new challenger to the established order of banks having operated in this guise since 2011 and then launching on the London Stock Exchange in 2015.

The Challenge

Shawbrook are a modern, specialist lending and savings bank that captures traditional values and understands the importance of: relationships and people. This ethos has worked and made them highly successful but has also meant challenges as to recruitment. They currently have offices in Brentwood, London, Croydon, West Malling, Dorking, Wisbech, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow as these are the original sites of the different businesses that now make up the bank and being loyal to their existing staff has meant an unwillingness to cause them upheaval. As they have grown it has become more and more difficult to find highly skilled lending staff, particularly those that can travel to Brentwood – their largest and main office. They needed to find an expert partner who possessed a large network in the Lending field and who shared their core values, holding excellent customer service at the heart of what they do.

How we met the challenge

In order to be successful in a niche market you need to, first and foremost, know that market inside and out. Each and every one of the lenders who we work with, manually underwrite each individual case. In plain English, this means a person will look at every case rather than a computer generated response and common sense prevails. We used our expert knowledge of this market, to forensically search the local area for lending and underwriting talent, utilising and leveraging the networks we have built up over decades. By investing in a long term partnership, we are always highly proactive in anticipating not only current but future requirements.

The Final Result

Shawbrook Bank have proved that you can be highly successful and extremely profitable, whilst maintaining your respect and duty of care to your staff.  They also appreciate that in this market where ‘candidate is king’ and lending skills are in short supply, flexibility of approach is key. Additionally, by understanding that specialist recruiters bring a plethora of contacts built up over many decades and invaluable advice and guidance, Shawbrook have built a mutually beneficial partnership with us. They have also had the foresight to build a graduate recruitment programme to help prevent future skills shortages and we look forward to continuing to work with them to build and deliver a world class lending team.

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