Tim Betts - Director and Co-Founder

I am Tim and a novice compared to my business partner, Claire, in the recruitment world, having chalked up a mere 18 years. I fell into recruitment after University and have never looked back although going out on our own in the summer of 2008 I think was pretty brave. Still, I am full of pride for what Claire and I have achieved (not forgetting the marvellous team who work with us!) and I am as inspired today as I was back then by our fantastic clients and candidates.

About Me: I am happily married to Laura, who I met at University and I am a very proud father of two, even more proud since my son has taken up golf! I am a keen sportsman, enjoying just about every sport there is, sadly I don’t get to participate as much as I used to although I did manage recently to complete my first Olympic distance triathlon.


Phone: 07590 253277

Claire Phillips - Director and Co-Founder, FIRP

I am Claire, I have reached the age when I no longer tell people my age! I have been working in recruitment for decades rather than years and I am proud to say that I am a founding Director of Ultimate Banking. I am passionate about the market we work in and the clients and candidates we work with and that has made the last decade hard work but an absolute pleasure too. How many people can really say they love their work!

About Me: I am happily married to Tim – Phillips not Betts - and live with my pride and joy – my Japanese Akita, Koji. Tim and I are passionate about cooking and that is how most of our free time is taken up and what is left is taken up by my husbands baseball obsession!


Phone: 07590 254473

The Team - Lorna, Emma, Becky, Sandy and Laura

We believe that we are small but perfectly formed and have built a team that fulfils our values as well as one that does a fantastic job for our candidates and clients. All four are working parents who need to balance their personal lives with their working ones. Lorna, Emma, Sandy and Becky support us as Consultants - and we could not do without them and Laura is our amazing Finance Manager who looks after all of our Accounting needs.

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