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We are proud of the client partnerships that we have developed, even more so as most of our business has been built on referrals. Being passionate about providing the highest level of service has paid us dividends and we are always looking to build new relationships with clients who have similar values.

Contingency Recruitment

We provide a best in class service that involves not only advertising, use of our extensive database but in addition, you will also benefit from the extensive network of both active and passive candidates that each of our Directors possesses. In effect a search service under a contingency banner.

Interim Contractors

The best organisations are flexible, agile and fast to react to the world changing around it but you don’t always need specific skills and experience on a full time, permanent basis.  Be it a new project, an organisational change programme or simply covering extended leave, we work with highly qualified and experienced contractors who fit seamlessly in to your organisation and provide the right solutions.

Search Consultancy

It is a major decision, adding to your senior team and therefore you need to be totally comfortable and confident with the consultant and their expertise. For more senior roles, one of our Directors will personally manage your search providing additional services such as psychometric testing. With 50 years experience between our 2 Directors you can feel confident in our abilities.

Retained Recruitment Service

We work with many small and medium sized organisations without a full time recruitment function. Many HR professionals will say they are not recruitment specialists and that is how the Retained Recruitment Service is both advantageous and valuable. We take all of your recruitment for a monthly fee

So whether you are looking for a contingency recruitment partner, a search consultancy or an interim provider, please call us on 020 8777 5833 or email to find out how we can assist you

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