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Contingency Recruitment

We are different.  We treat Contingency Recruitment as many agencies treat Search.  For each new role you will get one of our experienced Directors as your primary point of contact and experience matters! Whether you’re recruiting for a handful of roles a year or a handful of roles a week, we are here to use our 60+ years of experience and our extensive network to find the best candidate for you.

We will provide all of the usual services you have come to know and love from a traditional contingency recruiter but in addition, you will also benefit from the extensive network of both active and passive candidates that each of our Directors possesses.  

We take every role to market in a proactive way, actively head hunting on your behalf no matter what the level of staff.  Executive Search is normally reserved for the proven board leaders of your organisation, we are here to find you the board leaders of the future and at a fraction of the cost. 

And the best part is – unlike Executive Search firms, if we don’t find you the perfect candidate – you pay us nothing!

So if you are looking for a contingency recruitment partner please call us on 020 8777 5833 or email office@ultimatebanking.co.uk to find out how we can assist you. 

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