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Interim Contractors

The best organisations are flexible, agile and fast to react to the world changing around it but you don’t always need specific skills and experience on a full time, permanent basis.  Be it a new project, an organisational change programme or simply covering extended leave, we work with highly qualified and experienced contractors and partners who fit seamlessly in to your organisation and provide the right solutions.

We cover all roles across your business but most regularly the demands from our customers have included:

  • Change Management Professionals
  • Interim Finance Executives
  • Risk & Compliance Experts
  • Strategy & Operations Consultants
  • Credit Analysts/Managers
  • Underwriters

If you are considering an Interim member for your team or are yourself looking for an Interim position then please call us on 020 8777 5833 or email office@ultimatebanking.co.uk to find out how we can assist you. 

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